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AMC Strategy

What is an AMC ?

The ever-evolving world of financial markets requires vehicles tailored to maximize returns, preserve capital, and meet a large array of investor needs. Actively Managed Certificates emerge as a serious blend of flexibility, cost-efficiency, and scalability. In essence, AMCs are structured products that allow investors to capitalize on portfolios actively managed by seasoned professionals. When managing an AMC, it is important to carefully choose a strong partner on your side. Ravel partners with two global banks and issuers: UBS and BNP. With an ISIN code, the AMC is a very easy security to trade. It is dedicated to asset managers, financial institutions, and family offices.

Violon sur des partitions
Violon sur des partitions

Growth and Transformation

We invest in structurally growing companies and transformation investment cases. Our intrinsic value calculation is mainly driven by cash flow analysis and we only invest at a significant discount to our calculated target price. Typically, we bridge operating performance targets with our own valuation metrics. Then, we discuss our valuation roadmap with management.

Risk management is the backbone of consistent return

There is a time to protect and a time to take risks. We believe that preserving capital is key to maximizing returns. In our view, valuation discipline and portfolio construction are necessary to maintain consistent returns and risk management is required when liquidity takes over valuation.